Google is the most popular search network with a high return of investments (ROI). It dominates the online world in basically every way possible making it the best and most dominant search engine. Google is by far the best tool to use in reaching your target audience and getting conversions at the same time.

Google Adwords (as taught in Google Adwords Course) offers a wide range of options to suit any business model thereby making it easy for users to be successful. It also produces sales with little work, turning your audience into customers and retargeting them when they turn away. Could there be a better way to succeed in online marketing?


As a beginner, there are several terms you have to understand to succeed and they are;


Networks are basically advertising locations where your ads would pop up. Google Ads are divided into two networks;

  • Search networks: contain mainly text adverts and are found in locations like Google search results, Google Maps, Google Shopping, etc.
  • Display networks: focuses on non-text advert locations such as Youtube.



Google keyword planner is the best tool to search for keywords. The tool tells you the competition and the average monthly searches every keyword you search has. It is better to use a mix of high and low keywords as the high keywords are more general and would lead to few or no sales. Keywords are very crucial for a successful ad and requires a more in-depth understanding.



Google uses 4 positions in ad ranking. The higher the position of your ad, the more traffic your ad gets. There are several factors that determine the rank of an ad. The main ones are;

  • Bid amount: higher bidding helps you achieve a higher rank.
  • Context of search: depending on time, location, etc. your ad needs to be the best choice to attain a high rank.
  • Quality score
  • Ad extension: the higher the improvement of your ad extension, the higher your rank.


Ad quality score

The quality score ranks from 1-10 with 10 being the best. It is tells a user how well an ad or each keyword used in the ad is performing. The ad quality score is also a determining factor in the conversion rates of an ad. It is determined by;

  • Expected clickthrough rate (CTR): the higher your CTR, the better your quality score.
  • Ad relevance: the ad offer has to relate greatly with the call-to-action. If the offer and the call-to-action are not selling the same idea, it could reduce your ad relevance.
  • Landing page experience: like ad relevance, this feature requires your landing page, ad offer and keywords to relay the same information.

The higher your quality score, the less money you spend on clicks and acquisition costs.

Setting up an account

In setting up an account, you will be given an option of choosing Adwords Express. Adwords Express is a simplified version of Google Ads where Google does the heavy lifting. It is only available for local businesses with stores or an online e-commerce shop.

Adwords Express is best suited for users who are new to PPC advertising and want to generate revenue without putting in too much time and resources. As magical as it sounds, it doesn’t have as many features as the original service and it is advisable to switch when you have a better understanding of Google Adwords.

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