There are several extra tips you could implement to improve the productivity of your online ads be it Google Adwords ads or Bing Ads. A few of them include;


Udemy Google Course
Udemy Google Course


Keyword planner

Utilize the Google Adwords Keyword Planner to find related keywords for your ad campaigns. It is paramount to note that keywords are the pillars of Adwords campaigns so using unrelated and irrelevant keywords would be a big waste of time and resources.

Keyword matching

Keyword match types control searches on Google that can trigger your ad. You can use a broad match or an exact match to show your ad to a wide audience or a specific audience respecti vely.

Negative keyword lists

This feature prevents your ads from popping up when some specific keywords are searched. They are indicated by a negative sign and enclosed in a bracket e.g (-black shoes)

Adwords extensions

Ad extensions are a great way to increase your ad, traffic, rank, conversion rate and improve your click-through rate. They tell your audience more about your offer, product, business and benefits, giving you an opportunity to stand out. There are several types of ad extensions;

  • Sitelink extensions: adds a link for a different product to your original ad
  • Callout extensions: adds more information about your product and services
  • Location extensions: adds your store location, phone number, etc.
  • App extensions: directs the audience to download and use an app
  • Call extensions: adds a phone number to your ad.

This various extensions offer different features so you should ensure you pick an extension that suits your business.

Schedule your ads

You can schedule your ads to run on specific days and at specific times. This can be achieved by clicking “Ad Schedule” which is located in the settings tab.


Due to the popularity of Google, most peoplke do not realize how useful Bing Ads are and how wonderfully they can be utilized to aid the success of your online marketing.

  • Demographics

Bing lets you decide exactly who sees your ads and with this feature, you can make your specific target audience as wide or as narrow as you wish, adjusting it with beach campaign you run.

  • Retargeting

Using Bing’s unique Custom events feature, you can remarket your ad to an audience that interacted with your site but didn’t convert.

  • Optimize for Siri

Apparently, Bing is the default search engine for Siri and this means that optimizing for Siri can help you reach an even greater audience through Bing. Using this feature, you can optimize your ads for voice based keywords that even take homophones into consideration.

  • Ad extensions

Like Google Ads extensions, Bing Ad extensions give additional functionalities, increasing your reach audience and your conversion rate. They include; Call, Review, Location, Callout, App, Image and Sitelink.

  • Import your Adwords ads

This awesome feature enables you to import an already existing ad on Adwords into Bing. How cool is that! Without this feature, you would have to recreate an already awesome ad.

For a more in-depth course on how to increase productivity in Google Ads and Bing Ads interfaces, visit Udemy Google Adwords Course.

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